A Glimpse into History


6 November 1970. Lois O. Duckwall. The Laboratory Log.

Three new arrivals have reported to the Naval Space and Surveillance System, and each has created quite a stir. First is NAVSPASUR’s new, and for the foreseeable future, “permanent” boot Ensign, John “Doug” Carlson, USNR. Doug, and his wife Karen, are both natives of Greeley, Colorado, and attended Colorado State University where they first met. Doug earned his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering there last March, and entered Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, immediately thereafter. NAVSPASUR is his first tour. He has assumed duties as Assistant Department Head in Engineering, with additional “unspecified” tasks as the Command’s “most junior” officer. The Carsons reside at 606 Gilmore.

But the big news at NAVSPASUR is its demise as a male sanctum. Arriving 26 October as the Command’s first WAVE officers were Ensigns Mary Pamela Batchellor and Patricia Ann Tracey, both USNR line designators. “Pam” Batchellor comes from nearly McLean, Virginia, and is from an established Navy family. Her father, CAPT John Gatchellor, is a retired CEC Naval officer. Pam graduated from George Mason College of the University of Virginia last June with a math degree and has had past experience in computer programming. ENS Batchellor has been assigned to NAVSPASUR’s Computer Programming Division.

ENS Patricia Tracey hails from the Bronx, New York. She is a graduate of the College of New Rochelle and also majored in mathematics. She entered Women Officers’ Candidate School at Newport, Rhode Island in August for her final segment of training and reports to NAVSPASUR in her first duty assignment.

Both WAVE officers are undergoing watch indoctrination, and will assume full watchstanding duties along with NAVSPASUR’s other officers. Both intend to make the Navy a career. Ensigns Tracey and Batchellor are residing at the BOQ.