Digital Presentations

Welcome to the launch of our new series of digital presentations titled “Dahlgren Museum Talks.” In the coming months, we’ll be offering an array of talks about interesting facets of Dahlgren history, some from presentations in the past and some that are brand-new.

We begin with the video of “The Navy Comes to Dahlgren,” one of our most popular forums at the University of Mary Washington, Dahlgren Campus. It was offered in September of 2016, and featured as panelists longtime Dahlgren residents Brucie Gouldthorpe and the late Marybelle Ashton, as well as renowned King George historian Elizabeth Lee. They talk about the Dahlgren that existed before and shortly after the Navy established the base in 1918. Their presentations made for a memorable evening.

September 8, 2016 – The Navy Comes To Dahlgren