Below is an occasional series where we give brief summaries about Dahlgren.

Early UAV Development and Dahlgren by Dr. Robert Gates, Vice-President of the Dahlgren Heritage Foundation

“Anyone familiar with Dahlgren history has almost certainly heard of Carl Norden and Dahlgren’s role in the development of his famous bombsight. It’s less well known that he came to Dahlgren two years before his first bombsight tests and almost five years before testing the first version of his famous bombsight in 1924.”

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The Dahlgren Way by Ed Jones, President of the Dahlgren Heritage Foundation

“Nearing the end of a long career at the Navy base at Dahlgren, Jim Payne wrote about his memories as a young boy in 1918 when the Marines first marched through the isolated farmlands and marshes of King George County. They were on their way to begin testing guns at the brand-new Navy base. It must have been an exciting spectacle for a boy whose family roots in rural King George went back generations, but it was much more than that. The arrival of the military at what came to be called Dahlgren would change Payne’s life, as well as the character of the community around him, for decades to come. And it all began with a loud boom!”

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