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Base Commands

The Ten Commands at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren

With over 500 employees, Naval Support Activity South Potomac provides the installation management and support for the Dahlgren base in King George County and three other Navy locations: Naval Support Facility Indian Head, MD, and small naval detachments at the Army's Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia and at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Capt. Mary Feinberg, USN, is the commander.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division is by far the largest tenant command, with over 3,100 military and civilian employees. Before the 2003 reorganization, the warfare center also operated as landlord of the base. In terms of mission, it is a direct descendant of the Naval Proving Ground established in 1918. The center also oversees work at the Navy's Dam Neck facility in Virginia Beach, as well as smaller operations in California and New Jersey.

Capt. Brian Durant, USN, is commander.

The Joint Warfare Analysis Center is a joint military command with more than 500 employees. It grew out of the warfare center, but is now completely separate. The command analyzes projects that require coordination among military branches and agencies.

CAPT Andrew Feinberg, USN, is commander.

The Aegis Training and Readiness Center teaches military personnel about sophisticated shipboard combat systems. With over 200 employees, it serves U.S. military personnel, as well as those from Australia, Norway, Spain, South Korea and Japan.

Capt. Peter Galluch, USN, is commander.

Part of the parent command for the Aegis Training and Readiness Center, the Center for Surface Combat Systems has about 100 employees.

Capt. Bill McKinley, USN, is commander.

The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Command employs over 100 people. The Aegis BMD upgraded ships have integrated planning, detection, control, engagement and damage assessment functionalities for ballistic missile engagement.

RADM Johnny Wolfe, USN, is commander.

With less than 50 employees, the Navy Air & Missile Defense Command is one of the smallest on base. It is the lead organization for maritime integrated air and missile defense (IAMD).

Mr. Marc Magdinec, is commander.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington(NAVFACWASH) Dahlgren Public Works Department consists of 150 employees and is responsible for all phases of facilities management and environmental oversight.

CDR William Windus, USN, is commanding officer.

The 614th Air and Space Operations Center, Detachment One is an operational echelon which functions to consolidate operational command and control of joint space forces to create space situational awareness and command and control space forces. It employs 31 people.

Maj. Erin Dunagan, USAF, is commanding officer.